Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Last/First Post - 2015/16

First post of 2016 people and just time to wish all of you a ripping New Year. I know I’ll have one:)

A couple of pix from the last couple of days shot from the help’s phone. One of holly flowering at Studland beach (we’ll probably be having a barbecued Christmas dinner next year at this rate).
Holly in bloom - in December?

And finally a view up the Jurassic Coast towards Portland from Hound’s Tout which, when we weren’t being blown over, was quite spectacular. Before you ask I have no idea what the name means perhaps it's French.
View towards Portland from Hound's Tout 

That’s all folks. Catch up soon. See y'all

PS - Storm Frank is currently scouring the coastline and sounding for all the world like it's about to blow the house down. I might be learning to swim sooner than I expected. See you in the near future if we've not been gathered. Ta ta, again.

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