Monday, March 7, 2016

In Which Our Hero Keeps On Keeping On

Sorry folks but this is the first proper post of 2016 doing this blog is something low on my list of priorities at the moment because the learning curve is steep and slippery and my resolve is weak since I find typing somewhat trying what with the lack of decent digits and all. I’ll try to be more regular but I’m not promising anything.

Because inland is more or less a sea of mud( sounds a bit contradictory I know), most of our walks have been on the beach. On the whole I love it though it can be a bit boring and flat. The light, on the other hand (see below), is amazing and there have been some beautiful mornings that are memorable for all the right reasons.

This is the kind of thing I'm talking about
Moving on, I’ve got an amazing new game. This involves luring the help into a sense of false security then, when they least expect it and I'm off the leash, disappearing into the distance to talk to all the people and dogs on the beach. This huge fun! Firstly, because I’m low to the ground I’m really difficult to spot and I get almost as much free time to myself as I like, second because it really annoys the staff and thirdly I get to chat to loads and loads of dogs and people most of whom are very receptive. There is the odd snotty look mostly from the DTWs or ‘down-for-the weekenders’ who are probably the most anti-social bunch on the planet. I guess it’s because making eye contact where they come from is likely to get you mugged or worse. Of course they were in the majority over the Christmas and New Year period but luckily they have jobs to return to and the beach gets less crowded and much friendlier when they’ve headed back from whence they came in their sparkling 4x4s and Audis. It must be really muddy in London to need all that traction but I digress. From now until Easter, I’m told, life will be a lot more pally. Good job too, the sight of parents snatching up their precious toddlers as I barrel towards them is quite disturbing and the help gets quite a few dirty looks which doesn’t put them in the best of tempers either. Don't know what all the fuss is about us canines are only allowed on the beach between November and May so I guess if people don't like dogs they could always avoid the place. They'll have it all to themselves on 1 May nudists and all.
Dog? Doesn't look anything like a dog.

Anyhoo, be that as it may January & February was, on the whole one long beano. The three-legged thing is really beginning to take hold and I'm anointing more and more stuff with my pheromones by the day. The beach, whilst not exactly ever deserted, has enough walkers and their attendant canines to make it all very eventful and I've been bowled over a few times which is a bit ignominious. Attracted the attention of a couple of long dogs who must've thought I was some kind of beach rabbit with a tail and coursed me down the beach. Bit of a nasty moment until I showed them my canines and they twigged that I wasn't any kind of rodent. SLowed them down just enough for me to re-join the staff. Not much sympathy from that quarter though, the butler just says if I can't take a joke I shouldn't have joined so I just had to shake myself off and get on with it. All part of life's rich tapestry whatever that means.

Been making my self useful as you can see. Alternative caption reads 'Let me in, I need to go out again'. 

Just checking the window cleaner's doing his job correctly
So it’s onwards & upwards. Catch y’all later. Toodle pip.

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