Friday, September 18, 2015

Lessons In German and Swimming - A Tiring Day

My goodness, there's a steady procession of humans through this kennel. I think the servants must be interviewing for more staff. They all come in and make a beeline for me which I find somewhat rude really. They haven't even been introduced. Still some of them bring toys which I can only think are some kind of bribe but I have fun destruction testing them anyway which makes the inconvenience worth while - mostly.

Went out in the noisy conveyance yesterday and down to something the staff call ‘the boat’ which turns out to be a sort of floating kennel tied to the riverbank. The staff seem quite keen though so I thought I'd humour them and pose a bit.

I think this is definitely my best side.

The smells were interesting though and at one point I was accosted by an enormous German Shepherd lookalike who was incredibly forward poking his nose into places I’d rather he didn’t. I’m only little so, on the 'discretion is the better part of valour' principle I hightailed it out of there. I’d forgotten about the lead and ended up like a demented animated Swingball with Hermann bearing down on me with a wicked grin. All in all it was not a little scary and the hair on my back went all Sid Viscious on me and stood on end like I’d been electrified which I suppose, in a way, I had. Not looking forward to meeting Hermann again - not much sense of humour.

The day ended with the maid trying to teach me to swim by diving off the jetty in the most ungainly way. The butler dropped my lead, presumably to supervise from the bank, leaving me to my own devices and I made for the jetty to offer some enthusiastic encouragement. There seemed to be a lot of to-ing and fro-ing for a while and the staff got quite wet. I didn’t learn much though and I think they’d forgotten I’m a quadruped so their flailing about was quite lost on me. Maybe I could teach them. The whole episode was very tiring and I slept very well after it.

I have this strange compulsion to follow on the staff’s heels as close as I can get which is slightly hazardous since, if I loose concentration, I sometime get a toe in the snout which makes me yelp and head for the bed. I’m learning to dodge this hazard quite quickly but it’s not without it’s painful lessons. The butler says if I can’t take a joke I shouldn’t have joined which is a slightly brutal attitude IMHO. I’ll show him!

All for now. A bientôt folks.


  1. Hello there Sid. My name is Kathy Finklea, I am the human mom of Max and Nigel from North Carolina in the United States of America. I will be hellping Max type his story for you: As we just said my name is Max. But my full name is Maximillion the Magnificent but I am called Max because the full name is toooo long and by the time they finish with it I have lost interest in listening. I am 7 years old so I might be able to give you some helpful older dog tips! We also have an adopted Heeler (that's what we are in the dog world) named Nigel. That is his full name. The interesteing thing about Nigel is that we are half brothers! We have the same Dad but different Moms. That means we were in the same kennel out in Washington State. It is Mt. Brook Kennels. We are 7 months apart but we are both 7 years old now. We sure have enjoyed reading all about your fun times so far. Your human really writes and story tells well.

    Can't wait for more adventures.

    Max and Nigel

    1. Hi Kathy - thanks for the heads up about Max. Perhaps he and I could be pen pals. I'll post a picture of my pen.
      Thanks also for the kind words re the human. Just as well he can do something or he just be purely decorative!

  2. Hi Sid.
    I'm Spot, one of your older brothers. Boris, the other one, is much cleverer than me. He and sis Dora keep winning large round coloured pieces of cloth called rossetines (hope you know what I mean, predictive text is a pain)'. I've won one or two and even got a first on Sunday. Just don't tell anyone I was the only one in that class. I was then beaten by our Uncle Bilbo (respect, he's Champion Rosepip Beau Brummel) for best of breed.
    I'm interested in your adventures on the boat. My servants took me on a canoe this summer. I wasn't too sure about that, they didn't seem to know what they were doing.
    All for now.
    Love Spot

  3. Hi Spot. Nice to keep contact with the family. A first is a first in my book I wouldn't worry about context:)
    Boating seems a bit over-rated really and as for the staff floundering around and pretending to swim, well that's just ridiculous. Made me smile though. Not sure about canoodling though. Must give it a whirl.