Monday, September 7, 2015

Shock and Awe & Strange Noises

Well, that was surprise. One of the more regular visiting couples took me for a drive and didn’t bring me back. It was all a bit scary but they seem nice enough. I spent most of the day in their garden sampling the foliage some of which is quite tasty and some a bit rough. The flowers were yummy though. I’ve got a pen much like the one Mum’s servants put us in with a number of toys with no smell on them except what I take to be shop smell. I guess they’re new. There’s a bed which also smells of new too. It’ll take me a few days to stink them up a bit. There’s a weird pad that i guess I’m supposed to pee & pooh on but my accuracy leaves a bit to be desired and anyway I’m not too keen on being told what to do. If they stay nice to me I suppose I’ll have to make and effort.

The noises are all strange and a bit startling at first but I soon got used to them but every time I get used to one, another come along and sends me scuttling for the safety of the bed. Feeling a bit vulnerable in a new environment but the threat level is gradually changing hue from red to amber. Bit worried about my ears though, they seem to be going towards the elven which to be honest is not a good look. See here…

…I afraid if they stay up there like Yoda I’ll start talking.

Dropped off to sleep OK, missing my sis a bit, she was kinda warm at night. Woke up and it was pitch black but the maid came down and kept me company for while. When she disappeared again I made a bit of a fuss for a time but when it became obvious she wasn’t coming back I settled down and woke to find dawn just breaking and my tummy rumbling for breakfast. The butler was next to appear and after a brief swing out of that odd wiry coat he has grown on his face, I lay on his knee and went back to sleep for another hour or so. He was quite warm (oh no he wasn’t (Ed)) just like sis. Nice to know that the staff are so attentive. 

Ah well, tomorrow is another day.

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