Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Puppy Bootcamp - Day 5

Seem to be settling into a routine and I've almost got the servants trained. They're remarkably intelligent once you understand their thought processes and respond well to reward. Failing that body language pretty much seals the deal. Here’s my cute with a hint of menace (note the partially revealed canine which I’ve kept needle sharp on the whetstone of the travertine paving).What do you think? 

I’m well on the way to finishing the initial stages of obedience training. 
I’ve trained them to provide me with a very varied diet and I’ve tried everything from house leeks (interesting but somewhat flavourless), mango (bit of a strange one but not unpleasant), spinach (yuuk), daytime dog biscuit (harder than the travertine) and last but not least, hydrangea flower (great fun but hardly a staple diet). So all in all the diet continues to be interesting and varied.

Still slightly phased by other bipeds in large quantities, four visited at the weekend, two adults (the male was huge, looked like an electricity pylon) and two pups. That was a bit overwhelming and I registered a vocal disapproval when the youngest pup was about to take a liberty. He backed off - no problemo! So life is good, days are interesting and night are…well nights.

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